Hamas urges Britain to correct historic mistake against Palestinian people

In commemoration of the infamous “Balfour Declaration” that paved the way before the establishment of the Hebrew state on the usurped Palestinian lands in 1948, Hamas Movement urged the British government to correct the “historic crime” it committed against the Palestinian people by that declaration.

Through the efforts of the then British foreign minister Arthur Balfour, the British government issued a declaration, named after Balfour, promising to give Palestine that came under the British mandate in the aftermath of the WWI to the Jewish people to establish their own state on it.

The Movement’s invitation came as it flayed the continuous support provided by the British government to Israel. It added that the U.K. should repent for that “fatal” mistake and stop sanctioning Israel’s brutality against the Palestinian people.

“Britain is still, shamelessly, supporting the Hebrew state in killing the Palestinian people, undermining the catastrophe inflicted on the Palestinian people as a result of that oppressive decision”, a statement issued by the Movement and a copy of which was faxed to the PIC charged.

The Movement further charged that the declaration was an illegal one in the first place, and thus, everything built on it is deemed illegal.

It, furthermore, stressed that Britain should be held responsible for all the catastrophes inflicted on the Palestinian people, including the “countless” IOF troops’ massacres in Palestine that reaped tens of thousands of lives of Palestinian people among other crimes as a result of that ill-famed declaration.

“The least the Palestinian people is expecting from the British government that brought them this catastrophe is to stop supporting the Israeli brutality in Palestine, and to champion the legal rights of the Palestinian people for freedom and independence”, the statement further underscored.

Yet, Hamas, according to the statement, considered the infamous occasion as an opportunity for the Palestinian people to unite and consolidate their ranks to thwart international conspiracies and malicious schemes against them.

“Our national unity and consolidating internal front is the only way for us to protect the Palestinian question against those connivances that aim at distorting and liquidating the Palestinian identity”, Hamas’ statement underlined.

IOF troops are carrying out fresh massacres in the northern Gaza Strip of Beit Hanun since Wednesday, killing at least 12 Palestinians and wounding almost 80 others amidst expectations that number of fatalities would increase due to the IOF troops’ deliberate blocking of Palestinian doctors from extending a helping hand to the wounded.