Hamas urges European countries to act against Netanyahu for Dubai crime

Hamas urges European countries to act against Netanyahu for Dubai crime

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri called on the countries whose passports were used by the Mossad in Dubai operation to prosecute the perpetrators and those who gave orders especially Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a press release, spokesman Abu Zuhri said that the information revealed by the British Sunday Times newspaper on Netanyahu’s approval of the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh is consistent with what his Movement had already stated about the Mossad’s responsibility for the crime.

He noted that the Mossad cannot carry out any operation before taking the OK from the Israeli premier.

Abu Zuhri also strongly denounced the UN for not including the crime of assassinating one of Hamas senior officials in Dubai in its monthly report on the situation in the Middle East and accused the UN of covering up the Israeli “terrorism”.

The spokesman stressed that the exclusion of Dubai crime from this report challenges the credibility of this international institution and confirms its bias in favor of Israel against the Palestinian usurped rights.

In a separate statement, the Movement of Hamas on Sunday stressed the need for coordinating and combining the efforts with Dubai officials to disclose the circumstances of the assassination of Mabhouh instead of making hasty media remarks.

The Movement rejected the claims made by the Dubai chief of police about the involvement of a Hamas member in the operation, asserting that the Mossad’s intelligence activities against its leaders do not mean that there is internal security breach.

The statement pointed out that Hamas already started its investigation into the crime, but it hopes that the authorities in Dubai would cooperate with it in this regard.

In the same context, senior Hamas official Salah Al-Bardawil told Al-Jazeera satellite channel on Sunday that his Movement asked more than once the authorities in Dubai to involve it in the investigation on the killing of Mabhouh, but to no avail.

Bardawil stressed that the accusation made by the Dubai chief of police of the involvement of a Hamas member is only a conclusion.

He added that Hamas knows that the Palestinians involved in the assassination were affiliated with Fatah, but it considers them as Mossad agents and refuses to accuse Fatah of participating in the crime.