• May 23, 2007

Hamas Warns of New Intifada

Hamas movement holds the IOF accountable for the threats of targeting Hamas leaders, saying all option are on the table including a third Intifada.
Israeli Internal Security Minister, Avi Dichter, declared in Israeli Army Radio that Israel will target Hamas politburo chief Khalid Mashaal at first opportunity .
Commenting on these threats, Mushir Al Masri, Hamas spokesman and MP in the Palestinian Legislative Assembly, told Ikhwanweb:” The Israeli enemy is launching an all-out and open war against Hamas and the Palestinian people in order to continue the blockade, topple Hamas government, and deny the Palestinian’s their strategic and democratic options.
“We warn the Israeli enemy of adopting a policy of targeting Hamas movement leaders or maintain such massacres and killings of civilians” sadi Mushir Al-Masri, adding that these Israeli rash actions ” Will lead to open wide the gates of resistance and confrontation against the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) which will be the only to be blamed for the consequences”.
Al-Masri added:” This dirty ancient policy that the IOF used previously against Hamas and according to which Hamas leaders were assassinated, only increased the movement’s public rating among the Palestinians and made it win the municipal as well as the Legislative elections.
Al-Masri confirmed that Hamas leaders and members are well-prepared for sacrificing their lives for Palestine.
He pointed out that the IOF’s adopting this policy means it has lost, while it means according to Hamas that all options are on the table including striking deep into the Israeli towns.
Al-Masri confirms that any targeting of Hamas leaders will be retaliated and that the IOF is the one to blame for the ensuing consequences.
Regarding renewing threats of targeting Hamas leaders, Al- Masri said:” It is clear that the IOF used all means to overthrow Hamas from rule after its overwhelming win. It used an economic embargo, attempts to impose a political isolation on Hamas, conspiracies of some Palestinian parties and other plots used by the Israeli occupation. However, all these methods failed to topple Hamas which reached power through the Palestinian free and democratic choice. So, the IOF used the rhetoric of threats again.
Al Masri stressed that these threats “will not affect us or affects us and they will only make us close ranks under the banner of jihad and resistance and we will defend our people and ourselves through all available and legitimate means to reach either victory or martyrdom.

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