Hamas warns of third intifada if Israeli aggressions on Aqsa persisted

Hamas warns of third intifada if Israeli aggressions on Aqsa persisted


GAZA, The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has warned Monday of a third intifada in Palestine that could engulf the entire region if the Israeli aggressions on the Aqsa Mosque persisted.

In a statement he issued, Dr. Ismael Redwan, a Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip urged Arab and Muslim Ummah to break their silence, and to mobilize their forces in defense of the Muslims holy shrines in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

In the year 2000, an angry intifada erupted when former Israeli premier Ariel Sharon, who was then a minister, desecrated the holy shrine in clear undermining of the feeling of the 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide.

More than 5000 Palestinian citizens were martyred and tens of thousands were wounded by the IOF during that intifada.

In a related matter, the PA Awkaf minister in Gaza strongly condemned the inauguration of a synagogue near that Aqsa Mosque, describing the building of the synagogue on an endowed Muslim lot as “serious escalation”.

Dr. Taleb Abu Sha”ar, the PA Awkaf minister, warned that such act would have adverse repercussions not only on the city, but all over occupied Palestine, urging Arab and Muslims to stand up in defense of the Aqsa.

He also stressed the Palestinian people”s right to use all possible means in confronting the Israeli crimes against them and against their sacred places, warning the occupation of “unprecedented” reactions if the aggression on the Aqsa persisted.