Hamas welcomes EU parliament call for lifting the Gaza siege

Hamas welcomes EU parliament call for lifting the Gaza siege

The Hamas Movement has welcomed on Friday the call of the EU parliament to end the unjust economic blockade on Gaza Strip, asserting that the move should be translated into practical steps towards lifting the siege.

Fawzi Barhoum, the spokesman of Hamas in Gaza Strip, said in a press statement he issued in Gaza city that the EU parliament call indicates a growing positive action within the European institution towards ending the economic sanctions on Gaza Strip and towards putting and end to the suffering of the Palestinian people under the Israeli occupation.

He also pointed out that the call should spur other European parties into pressuring their governments to take decisive stand towards stopping the human tragedy in Gaza Strip that was, in the first place, caused by the Israeli rejection of the results of the Palestinian democracy.

Moreover, Barhoum stressed that the call constitutes a big blow to the Israeli attempts of rallying international support for an IOF full-scale invasion of Gaza Strip.

Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Levni was trying to mislead the international community by fabricating false information on the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian resistance factions with the aim to rally the world behind any possible Israeli military action against the populated Strip.

“We view this call [of the EU parliament] as an unequivocal rejection of any Israeli plans to hit Gaza”, Barhoum underlined.

Pertaining to the EU legislature”s call on PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to start talks with Hamas Movement, Barhoum asserted, “We are ready to start dialogue with Abbas without any preconditions, and based on preserving Palestinian national constants”.

On Thursday, the EU parliament asserted that the policy of isolating the Gaza Strip had failed on both the political and humanitarian levels, underlining that the Palestinian civilians in the Strip should be spared any military action and collective punishment.

The legislature also called on Hamas Movement to halt its retaliatory attacks on the Israeli colonies adjacent to the Strip.

Decisions of the EU parliament aren’t binding because EU legislators have no authority over the foreign policy of the EU.