Hamas Will Not Recognize the Existence of the State of Israel!

Mohamed Nezal, member of Hamas political wing, refused to comment on earlier statements made by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit to Asharq Alawsat newspaper during an interview published on Saturday in which Aboul Gheit indicated that Hamas recognizes the existence of Israel and will go along with negotiations with the Jewish State. Mr. Nezal, on the other hand, refused to consider agreeing to a cease fire with Israel to be an implied recognition by Hamas of the Jewish state. “The cease fire was an outcome of negotiations among twelve different Palestinian factions, all agreed to that decision which was reached under the supervision of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry” he added

On the issue of negotiating with Israel, Mr. Nezal asserted that such negotiations are not on Hamas’s agenda for the time being when the focus is Wednesday’s crucial elections and its anticipated political consequences.

Mr. Nezal also warned of statements issued by people who are not affiliated with the movement in order to tarnish its image among Palestinian voters undermining Hamas’s gains during the upcoming elections.

Mr. Emad Gad, an independent researcher at Al Ahram Center for Political Studies in Cairo, tends to agree with M. Nezal stating that none of Hamas’s literature and publications contain any indications of recognizing Israel, and that Hamas’s Charter is clear on this issue. “Any recognition of Israel by Hamas must be reflected in its charter and declared by its political office to be legitimate,” Mr. Gad added. Mr. Gad also clarified that negotiations in general do not mean recognition “if the upcoming elections resulted in Hamas’s participation in forming the government, its members in this government will not be part of such negotiations although their refusal or acceptance of its outcome will be determinant”