Hamdan: Abbas must restrain divisiveness mongers amongst his retinue

 Representative of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, accused a number of PA chief, Mahmoud Abbas, entourage of attempting to mar the cordial and positive rapport between Abbas and Hamas in order to achieve cheap personal interests, urging the PA chief to bridle divisiveness mongers amongst his associates.

“Some inside Abbas’ inner circle appear to be dissatisfied with the good relationship between Abbas and the newly formed Hamas government as they were striving hard to spoil such a friendly understanding; yet, we shall thwart their malicious efforts and keep such a warm relationship”, Hamdan said.

“We wish that Abbas could get rid of those trying to fish in the muddy water amongst his retinue and keep a normal and amicable relation with the Palestinian people who overwhelmingly elected this government of Hamas”, he added in an exclusive statement to the PIC.

Hamdan emphasized that legitimacy is given by the people and not derived form the United States and Israel as others would like to believe, urging all those gasping to secure legitimacy form outsiders to return back to their people and strengthen the bond with them and offer them all the service they could.

He commented on the “unreasonable” sidelining of Hamas form the recently concluded Arab summit in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, stressing, “The US through its state secretary, Condoleezza Rice, had pressured Arab leaders not to invite Hamas to the summit, but she was stunned by the firm rejection of those leaders. Thus, an attempt to delay the formation of the new PA Hamas-led government was made in order to allow the caretaker government to attend instead”.

The Hamas political leader was fully confident that his Movement’s government will enhance ties with the Arab and Muslim worlds, saying, “Both worlds are the natural depth of the Palestinian people, and have exerted a lot of efforts in assisting the Palestinian people”. He vowed that Hamas will be responsible enough to prove to the whole world that it is capable of leading the Palestinian people in its quest for liberation.