Hamdan: Cairo dialogue moves towards declaring unity government

Hamdan: Cairo dialogue moves towards declaring unity government

Osama Hamdan, the representative of Hamas Movement in Lebanon, has asserted Friday that the inter-palestinian dialogue in Cairo was moving in a positive way towards announcing a PA unity government.

He also revealed that the Palestinian factions want a PA government that reflects results of the PA legislative elections, and at the same time be acceptable regionally and internationally.

“It is not reasonable that differences between the Palestinian factions could be solved promptly after this long time of inter-Palestinian rift, thus, the dialogues and discussions should take their time in order to reach rooted and genuine solutions that could surprise many parties”, said Hamdan in press release Friday.

He noted that although Hamas doesn’t put conditions for the dialogue, yet, it won”t compromise its constants, and thus, he added, the Movement engages in a dialogue through which it clearly expresses its stands with the aim to reach a genuine national reconciliation that all parties involved would accept.

He, furthermore, elaborated that Hamas”s wants result of the legislative elections be respected and taken into consideration when the PA national government is formed, and that the next government should be capable to achieve its obligations, and include ministers with clear political color and influence.

In this regard, Hamdan ruled out the possibility of forming a technocrat government, explaining that any government of this kind would face issues with political obligations, and would strip the Palestinian people of the right of choosing their representatives.

Finally, Hamdan underscored that the next PA government should prioritize the reconstruction of Gaza Strip, prepare for the next elections, in addition to restructuring the PA security apparatuses on national basis.