Hamdan: West Bank incidents top Mishaal-Suleiman talks

Hamdan: West Bank incidents top Mishaal-Suleiman talks

Osama Hamdan, the Hamas representative in Lebanon, said that the Ramallah security apparatuses” practices in the West Bank would top the agenda of the talks between Hamas supreme leader Khaled Mishaal in Cairo with Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman.


Hamdan in a telephone statement to Al-Jazeera TV network on Monday night said that those practices were threatening the national dialog.


He stressed that the security conditions in the West Bank should be reconsidered and the plot to liquidate resistance should be halted in addition to ending all detention and assassinations against Hamas activists and releasing all detainees.


The Hamas leader refuted Fatah claims that Hamas was arresting its cadres in Gaza Strip, adding that the security apparatuses in Gaza were detaining a group of agents that had nothing to do with Fatah or its cadres while what happened in Qalqilia was direct targeting of Hamas operatives.


Hamdan stressed that his Movement displayed big flexibility in the national dialog but would not offer concessions to Israeli occupation, affirming that Hamas was insisting on resistance as the road towards restoring rights.