Hamdan Warns of Copycatting of Hamas-Fatah Infighting in Lebanon

Worry and fear are overshadowing camps in Lebanon lest confrontations, that took place between Fatah and Hamas Movements supporters in the Palestinian territories, come to the camps. These fears increased after residents of the Lebanese camps found on Saturday images of Hamas iconic leaders and slogans were torn and distorted in addition to an attempted assassination against a Hamas leader in south Lebanon .
These tense atmospheres made Hamas leaders contact Lebanese political and security authorities in addition to Palestinian factions to defuse the attempted copycatting of incidents in Gaza Strip and the West Bank in Lebanon, according a leader in the moderate movement Hamas .
Hamas movement in Lebanon criticized in a statement, a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, “suspected elements who distorted big billboards bearing pictures of Hamas leaders and martyrs specially Abdel Aziz Al-Rantisi and Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and wrote the word ” Jews” on them”.
The statement revealed that the movement offices in Ain Al-Helwa Refugee Camp and Al-Miya Wamiya in south Lebanon were assaulted and these assaults were intervened with frameworks and chanting slogans against Hamas movement and insults against its iconic leaders.
This took place hours after an assassination attempt that targeted the Hamas official in south Lebanon, Abu Ahmed Fadl, in a hand grenade attack on Friday evening, injuring his son Sohaib with splinters in his back .
The Fatah movement secretary general in Lebanon Sultan Abul Enein threatened with targeting Lebanese camps in response to the executions that Hamas Movement carried out against Fatah leaders, topped by Samih Al-Madhoun in Gaza Strip .
The Fatah leader said in a march organized in Ar-Rasheda Camp, south Lebanon:” We threaten these killers that if lives of our leaders are endangered, we will endanher lives of their families and children. They must understand that Gaza is integral part of the Palestinian refugees in the Lebanese camps”.
For his part, Hamas movement representative in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, said to Ikhwanweb that Hamas leadership in Lebanon is contacting Lebanese political and security authorities and various Palestinian powers” to confirm its rejection to moving Gaza problems to Lebanon”.
Hamdan added a saying:” We say that every one should hold his responsibility towards preventing any one from violating internal security or threatening stability. Such persons must be prevented by all possible legitimate means”.
He added that:” Hamas has a firm attitude in this issue”, considering that “The Palestinian camps in Lebanon have a specific issue which is returning to Palestine, not making problems and crises”.
Regarding Hamas attitude towards these aggressions, Hamdan confirmed that ” Hamas will not deal with them through adopting the method of reactions”, pointing out ; that ” Lebanon is a country which is ruled by law, and Hamas will act in a way that respects law and serves the Palestinian interests and stops aggressors and holding them accountable for their actions”.
Hamdan confirmed that these incidents will not affect the joint attempts carried out by the Palestinian factions, including Fatah and Hamas, to solve the crisis of Nahr Al-Bared camp, north of Lebanon, that has been witnessing confrontations between Fatah Al-Islam group and the Lebanese army since May, 20ht 2007.