Hamdi Hassan Demands The Interior Minister To Resign

Hamdi Hassan Demands The Interior Minister To Resign

Dr. Hamdi Hassan (member of the parliamentary bloc of Muslim Brotherhood) demanded the Interior Minister Habib Al-Adli to resign because of the violations and transgressions by some police officers against the Egyptian citizen.

Hassan said in his question to the Interior Minister that he was surprised by the huge number of complaints which he received from the citizen Ahmed Ismail Mohammed Ismail Mohammed who was abused by some police officers, which resulted in seizing his house and arresting him for 22 months, in addition to sending him to prison unfortunately by “judgment” for six months.

“looking into the papers and official reports signed by senior police officers, I realized the crime which they have committed against themselves at the first place , against their country on the second place and against the oppressed citizen,” Hassan said.

“It also reveals their daring to violate laws and regulations, they have murdered their conscience, they even wrote official papers with no fear which indicates that they formed a criminal gang formation to violate the citizens’ rights by using the power of their positions which they re-used to serve their mean desires, as if they are working in a gang not in a ministry.”

Hassan directed his words to Al-Adli pointing out the fact that his officers have deceived him pushing him to sign an order to arrest an innocent citizen for 22 months.

He pointed out that the problem lies not only in the citizen and the harm that he was exposed to, but in that gang formation which consisted of some Interior Ministry officers, and may be there are other people who were violated and harmed by this gang formation but we do not know them and they couldn’t have papers to prove their innocence, and unless the fact that some noblemen provided the citizen Ahmed with the papers which prove his innocence, the picture would be so gloomy, he added.

The MP confirmed that what is called “a criminal report “, which is introduced to the Interior Minister to sign the arrest warrant, is fake.

Hassan denounced the cooperation of some prosecutors with that “gang formation” by keeping the frequent complaints introduced by the citizen to have his right, which led to the loss of his right for years. He stressed that this incident requires the re-examination of the procedures of arresting those dangerous criminals who threaten security, and how some corrupted police officers use them for personal interests.

The MP called upon the citizen equity, giving his properties back, protecting him from any revenge and punishing those officers .Then he demanded the Interior Minister to resign, but not before fulfilling the previous demands, as the Interior Minister position shouldn’t be given to a deceived minister or to one who is easy to be deceived, “Mr. Minister, you have failed in your career,and you have failed politically too, so what are you waiting for?!”He said in front of the PA.