Hammoud Lodges Complaint to Int’l Parliament Over Assault

Dr. Yasser Hammoud, member of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, lodged a complaint to the international parliament for the assault he faced last Friday at the hands of policemen.
Yasser Hammoud demanded the international parliament to refer his complaint to the Human Rights Committee affiliated to the international parliament, saying he is ready to stand before it to give his testimony.
Hammoud detailed some background information. He said he won the 2005 legislative elections as an opponent independent MP for the constituency of Istanha, Monoufia. On Friday, June, 8th, 2007 , Egyptian security forces assaulted and insulted him. He was taken out of his car by force and was beaten and the police took his belongings (mobile- watch- eyeglasses). He lodged complaint No. 1704 of the year 2007.
Hammoud said:” The Egyptian Interior Minister did not come to the People’s Assembly to resign or even to apologize. And the Egyptian House speaker did not resign .
Hammoud added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that what happened against him was a clear message to all, that the security services have the upper hand and that they control the Egyptian regime .
Hammoud said he was obliged to use his right of resorting to the international parliament after he wasn’t given his right in the Egyptian parliament .
The Interior Ministry had evaded from apologizing for the unjustified brazen assault of its officers against Hammoud although it declared earlier that it would offer a formal apology to the Muslim Brotherhood MP. Major General, Ahmed Diaa, the Assistant Interior Minister of legal affairs claimed that Hammoud was the one who attacked the policemen, injuring one of them and damaging the police car.
The Egyptian parliament witnessed on Tuesday a hot session in which the MB parliamentary bloc attacked the Interior Ministry and demanded it to apologize and to Hammoud and send to Justice the officers who attacked MP Yasser Hammoud.



Dr. Hammoud after the assault


Dr. Yasser Hamoud


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