Haneyya: American society supports breaking the siege on Gaza

Haneyya: American society supports breaking the siege on Gaza

Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya has pointed to a growing desire within the American society to break the siege on Gaza Strip as evident in the repeated visits by American solidarity delegations to the Strip.

Haneyya, who was receiving a visiting American medical team on Monday, said that those visits indicate a growing inclination supporting an end to the siege on Gaza.

He said that the visit reflects the international popular rejection of the siege, and reflects the delegates’ wish to break the siege and see for themselves the conditions of the Palestinian people under siege and try and ease their suffering.

The premier thanked the medical team for the rare surgeries its members made during the visit.

For his part, the chief delegate expressed keenness on helping the Palestinian people especially in the current situation, adding that they came to get acquainted with the Palestinian situation and to contribute in alleviating the pains of citizens especially in the health sector.

He said that peace in the world starts from Gaza, describing it as having international importance.