Haneyya: Carter is not a mediator

Haneyya: Carter is not a mediator

Ismail Haneyya, the premier of the PA caretaker government, on Monday stressed that former American president Jimmy Carter was not an intermediary but underlined that his visit was politically important because it dealt with the Palestinian de facto conditions.

He explained in a press release that Carter got acquainted with the true situation in the region especially Hamas”s positions.

The premier hoped that recent moves in the region including his Movement”s meetings with Carter and Egyptian leadership would lead to tangible results particularly regarding breaking the siege and halting the IOF aggressions on Gaza and the West Bank.

Commenting on Carter”s announcement that Hamas had agreed to a plebiscite on any political agreement between the PA and Israel, Haneyya said that the formula, which Hamas accepted, was the same one included in the national concord document approved by majority of Palestinian factions. The document explains the nature and mechanism of such a referendum along with its political and legal aspects, he elaborated.

Haneyya said that Hamas would positively respond to any offer for calm as long as it was reciprocal and comprehensive covering both Gaza and the West Bank.

The premier finally welcomed any visit to Gaza by any envoy for PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and promised to listen to what he says.