Haneyya: Conspiracies won’t make the Palestinians waive their cause

Haneyya: Conspiracies won’t make the Palestinians waive their cause

Haneyya: Conspiracies won”t make the Palestinians waive their cause

GAZA, (PIC)– Ismail Haneyya, the premier of the PA caretaker government, confirmed that the Palestinian people will never give up their national cause despite the conspiracies woven against them and the massacres committed by the Israeli occupation.

In a speech during the mass funeral of the massacre victims including 13 Qassam fighters killed by the IOF troops in the Zaitun neighborhood in Gaza, Haneyya hailed the Palestinian resistance fighters and described them as “dignity seekers”, saying that there is a great difference between them and the one who seeks the life of humiliation.

“Gaza today is in mourning for the death of 18 Palestinian martyrs and for the injury of a large number of Palestinians who did not receive the care required because of the siege and closures,” the premier elaborated.
Tens of thousands of Palestinians participated in the funeral march amid an atmosphere of anger and calls for revenge for the victims in response to the Israeli continuing massacres against the Palestinian people.

The premier also warned the collaborators who provide information to the Israeli occupation of staying in the quagmire of treachery, pointing out that he gave final orders to the concerned security apparatuses to pursue and arrest the spies in Gaza in order to bring them to trial and pubish them.

For his part, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, a prominent Hamas leader who lost one of his sons in the IOF carnage, stated that the Palestinian people do not sacrifice their children for luxury but for the precious Palestine and Jerusalem and because they want to live in dignity and freedom.

In the same context, Dr. Salah Bardawil, the spokesman for Hamas parliamentary bloc, highlighted that the massacre committed by the Israeli occupation Tuesday morning was the culmination of the security coordination and information exchange between the unconstitutional Fayyad”s government and its security apparatuses in Ramallah, and the Israeli occupation.
Dr. Bardawil also underscored that the Israeli escalation aims to exhaust the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip, to repress and force the Palestinian people to surrender and to waive fundamental issues such as occupied Jerusalem and the return of refugees.

For its part, the Hamas Movement stated that the Israeli massacre in the Zaitun neighborhood is the result of the conspiracies woven against the Palestinian people and their cause in Annapolis, Paris, Tel Aviv and Ramallah, the latest of which was the green light given by the US president to the Israeli occupation to escalate its “heinous crimes” against the Gaza Strip in order to undermine the determination of the Palestinian people and to repress them to waive their inalienable rights.

Hamas affirmed its adherence to the option of resistance as a legitimate right for the Palestinian people, adding that the Israeli crimes will never deter the Palestinian resistance from liberating the occupied Palestinian land.