Haneyya: Hamas welcomes Egyptian proposals

Haneyya: Hamas welcomes Egyptian proposals

The Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya said that Hamas will go for dialogue because it realises the seriousness of the Palestinian issue and that it requires national unity, calling for more efforts to end the internal Palestinian rift.

Haneyya said, during the Eid al-Fitr prayers which he lead at the Yarmouk stadium in Gaza, that an official Hamas delegation will leave after Eid break to Cairo to discuss with Egyptians some of the points in the Egyptian proposal.

He stressed that Hamas welcomed the Egyptian proposals on the whole and can be built on adding that the delegation will inform Egypt of any reservations the movement has.

He expressed hope that Egypt will put more pressure on the Fatah movement and the Ramallah Palestinian authority to furnish the atmosphere for the forthcoming dialogue round and release all political prisoners in West Bank jails.

Haneyya called on Arab and Islamic countries to start rebuilding the Gaza Strip which was destroyed during the Israeli war as thousands of people whose homes were destroyed are still living in the open.

He criticised the world’s silence towards Goldstone’s report expressing hope that it will not end up in some official’s desk drawer and forgotten about.

He stressed that no one is entitled, during negotiations with the occupation, to relinquish Palestinian rights, top of which is the right of return and Jerusalem calling on the Ramallah authority to stop its futile negotiations with the enemy.

He made a special greeting to the Palestinian martyrs and captives and their families praising their steadfastness in the face of the enemy.