Haneyya: kidnapped Soldier Could Be Released By Diplomacy

The PA premier Ismail Haneyya has affirmed that the issue of the kidnapped IOF serviceman Gilad Shalit could only be solved through diplomacy and political negotiations, adding that military means will not help in this regard.

Heneyya’s statement came in a press conference he held after he delivered his Friday Khutba (sermon) in the Shajaia suburb where he inspected areas devastated by IOF shells and air strikes.

“We have had initiated a proposal based on human grounds to solve the issue of the captured soldiers, and captors of the soldier set forth their demands that we believe just and human; and therefore, the case of the 10,000 and more Palestinian captives in Israeli jails must be seriously taken and be solved along with soldier’s case on humanitarian considerations”, the premier underlined.

He further added that his government was in continuous contact with Egypt in a bid to stop the IOF atrocities in the tiny Strip, expressing hopes that the IOF pullout from the eastern Gaza Strip after two days of bloody crimes will be the “start of an IOF halt of aggressions.”

Commenting on the IOF troops’ new tactics in bombing Palestinian homes by contacting them through telephone, and asking them to leave their homes because they will shell them; the premier asserted that such IOF behavior was part of their Psychological war against the Palestinian people, and described it as “unprecedented serious escalation”.

Meanwhile, the British political consul in the British consulate in the occupied city of Jerusalem Ross Allan unveiled that the western donor countries led by the USA were coordinating the new mechanism adopted by the quartet committee to deliver financial assistance to the cash-strapped Palestinian people in the PA lands via the office of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas.

Hamas that led the PA government being the biggest bloc in the PLC hadn’t boycotted such a step that clearly bypassed it as the party that funds should be funneled through, saying that interests of the Palestinian people is above all other considerations.

Allan added that a 25-member international delegation headed by Norway arrived to the PA lands in a bid to coordinate such a mechanism with Abbas.

He further asserted that the delegation will deal with the general directors of the PA ministries who are all from Fatah faction, and would avoid dealing directly with the ministers themselves, stressing on the necessity of strengthening Abbas’ office.

Commenting on the IOF troops’ kidnapping of PA ministers and elected lawmakers who are all from Hamas Movement, the British diplomat underlined that his government position was identical to that of the G-8 that calls for immediate release of them.

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