Haneyya: Strategic relationship with Egypt bigger than differences

Haneyya: Strategic relationship with Egypt bigger than differences

The legitimate prime minister of the PA government Ismael Haneyya has affirmed on Thursday that the Palestinian-Egyptian relationship was and still strategic and brotherly, and couldn’t be affected with small differences in opinions.

The prime minister also hailed Egypt”s role in defending the Palestinian issue against the Israeli plans to liquidate it, adding that Egypt was playing significant role in a number of hot files in the Palestinian arena, including the file of truce, the file of swapping of prisoners with the Israeli occupation government, and the file of national reconciliation.

“Some differences that could arise while discussing the details were similar to the differences inside the one home and inside the one family, and thus, they won”t affect the deep relationship between the Palestinian and the Egyptian peoples who share the same destiny”, asserted Haneyya in a press statement he issued in Gaza and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC.

However, Haneyya highlighted the plight of the Gaza Strip as a result of the crushing Israeli economic embargo imposed on it since one year, asserting that the blockade created “unprecedented human crises” in the Strip.

Nevertheless, Haneyya expressed hope that Egypt will exploit its position in the regional and international arenas to work for ending the embargo, and to open the vital Rafah crossing point which is under Egypt”s control in order to bail the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip out of the “big Israeli jail”, affirming that his government was very much concerned in bringing the Egyptian efforts in this regard to full success.

Yet, Haneyya accused “certain parties” of attempting to poison and mar his government”s good relationship with Egypt, describing Hamas”s relationship with Egypt as “solid, transparent, and firm”.

He also underscored that the daily contacts between his government and Egypt regarding a number of issues aim at alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza were continuing.