Haneyya: The dialog is a way for the national deliverance

Haneyya: The dialog is a way for the national deliverance

Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya stated Thursday that the national dialog is a way for the national deliverance and not merely a political tactic, stressing that the priority for the government and the Hamas Movement is to achieve a genuine national reconciliation. 

In an exclusive interview conducted by the PIC with the premier before the start of the national dialog in Cairo, Haneyya highlighted that the dialog is a bridge towards upholding the Palestinian constants and rights, preserving the dignity, steadfastness and sacrifices of the Palestinian people, and rebuilding the PLO democratically.

The premier added that the dialog should lead to a national government not subject to external pressures and protecting the Palestinian right to resistance, and also to new security apparatuses rebuilt on national foundations away from any security coordination with the occupation.

The premier noted that the Cairo and Makka agreements, and the national accord document as well as the long joint work in the higher follow-up committee for the Intifada in Gaza and the committee of coordination between Palestinian factions in the West Bank represent a solid ground for the success of the dialog.

The premier also said in another context that Hamas”s relations with Egypt is a strategic choice and not an emergency interest, adding that Hamas maintained the course of this relations through protecting Egypt”s national security and not interfering in its internal affairs.

In another related context, Egyptian journalist Ibrahim Al-Darawi, an expert in Palestinian affairs, told the PIC that the meetings between Hamas and Fatah which started Tuesday in Cairo would lead to the formulation of a joint statement ending the differences regarding the political arrest issue and media campaigns.

Darawi added that the Palestinian factions” meeting on Thursday would start with a protocolary session followed by separate meetings of the five committees formed to discuss the files of the national reconciliation.

Hamas and Fatah on Wednesday announced during a press conference that they reached understandings providing for a complete halt to media campaigns and the formation of two committees to follow up the files of political prisoners in the West Bank and Gaza.

Hamas political bureau member Izzat Al-Resheq said that that the dialog atmosphere between his Movement and Fatah was positive, expressing hope that all political prisoners in the West Bank would be released during the coming days.

Resheq added that the dialog is underway and cannot be finally judged, stressing the need for making concessions by both parties for the sake of the Palestinian cause.