Haneyya: The issue of prisoners will always be on the top of our priorities

Haneyya: The issue of prisoners will always be on the top of our priorities

 Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya stated that his government will never relinquish the issue of Palestinian prisoners that will always remain on the top of its priorities.

Haneyya made his remarks during a ceremony held Sunday to honor the families of prisoners and ex-detainees who returned from a pilgrimage trip to Makkah.

The premier noted in his speech that many European delegations which visited the Gaza Strip raised the issue of the Israeli soldier, but the government always reminded them of about 10, 000 Palestinian men and women in Israeli jails and the need to talk about them first.

He also pointed that he sent with head of Palestinian scholars abroad Abdelrahman Tamimi thee messages to the international conference for the support of prisoners to be held in Algeria soon, including a suggestion for the formation of a delegation after the end of this conference to travel the world to highlight the issue of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails.

"The second message is that the prisoners made sacrifices to defend Palestine, Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque which are the property of all Muslims who, in return, should provide political, media, financial and economic support for them and their families," the premier underlined.

The third message, he said, is to oblige all mosque preachers in the Islamic world to give a unified speech about the Palestinian prisoners and their suffering.