Haneyya: The Palestinian people not afraid of Israel’s war threats

Haneyya: The Palestinian people not afraid of Israel’s war threats

GAZA, Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya said that Israel’s threat to wage a new war on the Gaza Strip would not scare the Palestinian people or destroy their steadfastness and determination.

Haneyya made his remarks during his visit to the house of martyr Issa Batran who was killed a couple of days ago in air raids on Gaza.

“The occupation will never be able to kill with its crimes the will of faith, fortitude and steadfastness,” the premier emphasized, adding that the blood of martyrs increases the Palestinian people’s defiance and make them more determined to defend their land and rights.

For his part, head of Al-Ahrar Movement Khaled Abu Hilal warned in a statement on Sunday that the Israeli military attack on Gaza that happened two days ago would escalate simultaneously with its direct negotiations with the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Abu Hilal noted that whenever the Arab regimes and the PA launch a new peace initiative and become more yielding, Israel responds by more arrogance and aggression on the Palestinian people.

Al-Mizan center for human rights, for its part, appealed to the international community to provide international protection for the Palestinian civilians in Gaza and block any Israeli intention to wage a new war on them.

The center also deplored the international silence on Israel’s gross violations of the international law and warned that Israel might take military action against Gaza as long as it would do this with impunity.

Israel recently waged a number of aerial raids on different Gaza areas that led to the death of one Palestinian and the injury of many others and threatened to escalate its military action against the Strip.