Haneyya: The reconciliation won’t succeed until there is free Palestinian will

Haneyya: The reconciliation won’t succeed until there is free Palestinian will

 GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya stated Tuesday that the national reconciliation efforts will not succeed until the Palestinian will becomes independent and free from external pressures and dictates.

In a televised interview with Al-Aqsa satellite channel, Haneyya said that there should be a comprehensive agreement addressing all points in detail based on the understandings reached between Hamas and Fatah factions in order to avoid the failure that happened in previous reconciliation experiences.

The premier said that if the national reconciliation was realized, it would serve as a step towards strengthening the partnership and revitalizing the work of all Palestinian institutions.

He added that these steps would be volatile if Fatah leaders in Ramallah do not have the political will to accept that there is a partner in the Palestinian arena with whom they should work.

The premier also denied news reports that Hamas approved the signing of Egypt’s reconciliation paper but in another Arab country, asserting that that this rumor is part of the smear campaign waged regularly against the Movement and government.

Commenting on the peace process, he said that the government has no objection to any mature political action able to restore the usurped Palestinian rights, but 18 years of peace negotiations failed to bring back any of these rights.

In another context, Palestinian minister of education Dr. Mohamed Askool stated Tuesday that his ministry was able to make many achievements in the field of education despite the Israeli brutal war which targeted the educational sector.

In a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC), Dr. Askool highlighted that the Israeli occupation would never succeed in breaking the will of Gaza people and quelling their desire for knowledge and education even if they had to study in tents.

The minister noted that despite the difficulties and obstacles which the educational sector faced this year, which is considered the toughest year because of the war and the politicized strikes of teachers, but the educational attainment has seen remarkable progress by three percent compared to previous years.