Haneyya: We seek to establish political partnership

 The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, doesn’t target excluding any Palestinian faction from the political arena, rather it aims at establishing political partnership through its participation in the forthcoming legislative elections slated for 25th January , Ismail Haneyya, one of the Movement’s prominent leaders, underlined.

Hanneya, who tops Hamas’ PLC election list, said that his Movement would contest the parliamentary elections in order to put an end to the oppression and corruption the Palestinian people have been suffering for a long time.

Hamas’ electoral program stipulated the Movement’s keenness on preserving the national unity and enhancing the political partnership based on preserving the national issues, including those of the prisoners, refugees, and occupied Jerusalem.

Haneyya vehemently denied charges that Hamas would relinquish occupied Jerusalem so as to gain seats in the PLC.

“We were not among those who divided Jerusalem into two parts, nor among those who negotiated and renounced the Palestinian constants and rights in Geneva. We are those who preserved the Palestinian rights through resistance and patience during tribulations that endangered the future of the Palestinian question,” the Hamas’ leader concluded.

Haneyya’s remarks were voiced during the election rally the Hamas’ list, the reform and change bloc, held Saturday in Jabalya refugee camp, which was attended by hundreds of Palestinian women and members of the Muslim young women’s society.

Other speakers stressed the importance of consolidating the Palestinian resoluteness in face of the Israeli occupation.

They also stressed the importance of putting a stop to the security laxity sweeping the PA-run lands.