Haneyya: We Will Not Bow to Pressure

Haneyya: We Will Not Back Away From Our Invariable National Attitudes  Despite All Pressures
Islamil Haneyya, the Palestinian prime minister, affirmed that his government, which came to power through free and fair elections and whose political program was approved by the Palestinian people, will not relinquish that program under any circumstances.
  During the Friday prayer’s sermon that was delivered by the Palestinian prime minister at Jabalia, in Gaza, Haneyya said he would not back away from any invariable national attitudes on the basis of which they won the elections, and that all the pressures that were being exerted on the Palestinian government would only fail. Haneyya added, “Following our victory in the latest legislative elections and the mandate we received to form the government, we were met with very huge pressures to abandon our invariable Palestinian attitudes and continue the march on the road of capitulation while Israeli acts of aggression against the Palestinian people continue unabated.”
  At the end of his sermon, Haneyya stressed that he and members of his government were seeking to solve the financial crisis to which the Palestinian people had been subjected and that he sent a number of ministers to Arab countries to look for financial aid.
  It is noteworthy that the Palestinian people are facing a grinding financial crisis following the electoral victory of Hamas and the formation of its government. The United States and the European Union are exerting huge pressures on the Palestinian people, raising fears of an impending huge humanitarian catastrophe.