Haneyya: we will not receive aid until all “Freedom Hostages” are freed

Haneyya: we will not receive aid until all “Freedom Hostages” are freed

GAZA, — Ismail Haneyya, the Prime Minster of Palestinian elected government in Gaza, said on Friday that the Israeli occupation’s strategy of besieging the Gaza Strip failed because of the resilience of the Palestinian people and the conscience of free people around the world, stressing that his government will not receive any of the aid that was on the Freedom Flotilla until all hostages from the flotilla were freed.

Haneyya’s remarks were made during the Friday sermon which he delivered at the Omery Mosque in Gaza City where worshipers performed, in addition to the Friday prayers, special prayers for the victims who fell during the Israeli assault on the flotilla.

He said that with the steadfastness of its people Gaza has won in the face of the oppressive Israeli siege and has exposed the Israeli occupation and what it stands for to the whole world.

Haneyya thanked all peace activists around the world who travelled on the flotilla, putting their lives at risk to get much needed aid to the besieged Gaza Strip, or worked for its success.

He sent special greetings to the and their families, the Turkish people and their government for their tireless efforts to break the siege calling on all Arab and Muslim governments to follow the “brave” Turkish example with regard to breaking the siege and supporting Palestinian rights.

Haneyya said that the day the Israelis assaulted the “Freedom Flotilla” will mark the exposure of the ugly Zionist face and the regression of the whole Zionist racist project, stressing the need to try leaders of the Israeli occupation in international courts for their crimes against the people of Gaza and their latest murderous crimes against the peace activists on the flotilla.