Haneyya accuses Israel of exploiting int’l focus on Lebanon to commit more massacres in Gaza

The PA premier, Ismail Haneyya, has warned that Israel was exploiting the world’s focus on the war on Lebanon to carry out more massacres in the Gaza Strip.

He asserted that the source of conflict and instability in the area was the Israeli occupation, adding that all concerned parties should realize this fact and start to address the problem from the roots and not to be content with temporary solutions.

Haneyya, who was speaking before Palestinian worshippers in the Friday Khutba (sermon), in Gaza affirmed the Palestinian people’s right to continue their resistance against the Israeli occupation till retrieving all usurped legal rights and lands.

He said, “Many countries have plidged to rebuild what Israel destroyed in Palestine and Lebanon; however, with all due respect and gratitude to them what the international community should focus on is to end the occupation being the cause of all tribulation in the region”.

The premier affirmed that Israel’s attempts to reoccupy the border strip in southern Lebanon would mean that the cycle of violence won’t end in the region, charging that the IOF troops were at the same time taking the opportunity of the world’s focus on Lebanon to commit more bloody crimes in Gaza Strip. He cited as a clear proof to his works the Israeli raid on Rafah that killed 12 Palestinians, including an infant, on Friday.

He addressed the Lebanese people and government, assuring them that despite the bleeding wounds of the Palestinian people; they will remain supportive of Lebanon and Lebanese resistance against the Israeli occupation.

Moreover, the PA prime minister elaborated that the ongoing Israeli war on Lebanon and Palestine has its undeclared goals mainly uprooting Islam as a religion in this area, and fighting all those believed to be “resistance castles” in the region that hamper their final objective of totally dominating the region and subjecting its peoples to their dictates.

“They want to extinguish the light of Allah on this earth (Islam). They want to bring you away from the source of your dignity and strength”, the premier said in obvious angry tone; but they will fail, he confidently said.

Haneyya charged that the USA and Israel want a “new Middle East that bows to their dictates and wills”.

Nonetheless, the premier emphasized that what is going on in the region was indeed birth pangs; but not as Rice (the US secretary of state) wishes; but it will be, he said with full optimism, the omens of the birth of a new Umma (Nation) full of dignity, freedom, and independence.

In conclusion, Haneyya urged Arab and Muslim peoples and leaders to “liberate their decision-making as well as their political wills” so as to be able to take decisive and free decisions at this sensitive point of time.

He finally expressed hopes that his government will be able to disburse salary of one month for all PA employees within the coming few days.