Haneyya calls on Abbas and Fatah to turn new page to restore national unity

Haneyya calls on Abbas and Fatah to turn new page to restore national unity

Ismail Haneyya, the premier of the PA caretaker government, congratulated the Palestinian people on the return of Gaza pilgrims through the Rafah border crossing safely, calling at the same time on PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah faction to open a new page to restore national unity.

In a press conference held in Gaza on Wednesday evening, Haneyya extended his sincere thanks to Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia for facilitating the entry of Palestinian pilgrims to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing without being subjected to maltreatment and extortion at the Israeli controlled crossings.

The premier pointed out that his government took the right decision which rejected subjecting the Gaza pilgrims to Israeli blackmail.

On the occasion of Gaza pilgrims” return through the Rafah crossing, the premier seized the opportunity to renew his call on the PA chief, Fatah faction and the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank to turn a new page in national relations and heed the risks threatening the Palestinian national cause.

“We call on our people to turn the page of internal pains and to head honestly and with confidence and mutual respect towards restoring national unity, boosting its backbone, consolidating the national values at the political and local levels and rising to the challenges”, the premier underlined.

The premier also called for starting serious dialogue based on respect for all Palestinian authorities and in which all issues are opened in order to end the state of division and to unite against the Israeli escalating aggression and terrorism.

In a message to the Arab and Islamic nations, the premier urged them to take a clear and decisive decision to break the unjust siege imposed on Gaza and not to leave the Palestinian people to face alone the Israeli policy.