Haneyya gov’t asks Europe to coordinate visits with it

Haneyya gov’t asks Europe to coordinate visits with it

GAZA, –Mohammed Awad, the government’s secretary general, said in a press release on Tuesday that the European ministers’ visit was a step along the road that should be followed by other steps.

He explained that the European role should not be restricted to the humanitarian aspect but should also tackle political aspects and should establish direct contact with the government (of Haneyya) in order to get first hand information on the situation in the Strip.

The secretary general hoped that more Arab and European officials would visit Gaza to pressure the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) into lifting the siege on Gaza, and to open political horizons with the world.

Awad, meanwhile, charged that the IOA lists of new goods to be allowed into Gaza and the mechanism by which those goods enter the Strip within humanitarian institutions only did not meet the needs of all citizens.

He said that the IOA step was meant to spread the illusion among the world community that the IOA had eased the siege on Gaza.