Haneyya gov’t: The closure of Gaza crossings is carnage and a war declaration

Haneyya gov’t: The closure of Gaza crossings is carnage and a war declaration

The Palestinian caretaker government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya strongly denounced the silence of the international community and the Arab countries especially Egypt towards the Israeli closure of Gaza commercial crossings, considering it mass murder and a war declaration against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

In a press statement to the Quds Press, Ziad Al-Zaza, the deputy premier and the minister of economy, underlined that the continued closure of crossings affects the life in Gaza greatly since all food and basic needs have run out.

Zaza pointed out that the government has conducted intensive contacts with many parties to brief them on the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the Israeli violation of the truce and urged them to assume their responsibilities towards the besieged Gaza people but to no avail.

The minister also denied that the government has a contingency plan, saying that Gaza is not an area of open borders and Israel fully controls its imports and exports, so the government was not able to build strategic storage.

In the same context, the party of the Islamic action front in Jordan called on the Arab governments to open the Egyptian-controlled Rafah border crossing, stressing that what is happening in Gaza defames the Arab regimes especially Egypt.

Zaki Bani Ersheid, the secretary-general of the party, warned that the Egyptian regime would find itself in confrontation with all Arab people if it insisted on closing the Rafah crossing.