Haneyya gov’t condemns PA security for its ongoing arrest campaigns in West Bank

Haneyya gov’t condemns PA security for its ongoing arrest campaigns in West Bank

The Palestinian government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya strongly denounced the PA security apparatuses for its persistent arrest campaigns in the West Bank especially against women, stressing that these arrests have no moral or legal grounds.


During the weekly cabinet meeting, the government considered the PA practices in the West Bank a real obstacle to the efforts made to achieve reconciliation and heal the internal rift.


As for the issue of the Israeli siege, the government urged the international activists to intensify their efforts to break the siege on Gaza, saying these efforts are a real challenge to the unjust siege imposed on the Gaza people.


The government pointed out that it followed up closely the conditions of summer visitors to Gaza shores and the state of public freedoms, hailing the state of security and stability in the Strip.


The government hailed, in another context, the ministry of interior for its role in discovering new spy rings that provided Israel through the PA with information about targets in Gaza. It also saluted the citizens who cooperated with the ministry.


For his part, spokesman for the interior ministry Ihab Al-Ghussein on Tuesday said that the members of spy rings, who were arrested recently in Gaza, were intending to restore the state of security chaos at the behest of the PA in Ramallah.


In a press statement, spokesman Ghussein affirmed that these spy rings were dismantled, noting that some members of these rings fled Gaza to the West Bank through Beit Hanoun crossing.


He revealed that these spy rings was collecting information on Palestinian officials as well as homes and camping locations of resistance fighters, adding that Israel intends to use such information in any future war against the Gaza Strip.


In the same context, head of the parliamentary interior and security committee Ismail Al-Ashqar called for prosecuting all members of the spy rings who were arrested by the interior ministry in Gaza and inflicting the severest punishment on them to make them an example to others.