Haneyya Orders Cancellation of His Son’s Promotion

Ismail Haneyya, the PA premier and minister of youth and sports, has refused appointment of his eldest son Abdul Salam as manager of the ministry of youth and sports undersecretary’s office.

Haneyya asked his son to write a letter to the undersecretary asking him to be relieved of the promotion, which he did although he said that other employees would be also affected.

However, the undersecretary pointed out that it was Abdul Salam’s right to be promoted but the premier insisted and blocked the step.

On Sunday, a number of directors in the ministry called on Haneyya at the premiership office and asked for his approval of the decision, saying that Abdul Salam has been working for seven years in the ministry and deserved the promotion.

Haneyya insisted that his son did not have the necessary scientific qualifications, and added that as long as he remained prime minister then his son would not be promoted.

The ministry’s undersecretary, Ahmed Al-Yazji, a month ago issued a decision appointing Abdul Salam as his office manager before Haneyya’s government was sworn-in.

Abdul Salam is known for his outstanding sports activity in the Gaza Strip and had traveled abroad with the Palestinian football selection team.