Haneyya states six strategic points to end internal crisis

Haneyya states six strategic points to end internal crisis

GAZA– Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya stated Monday six strategic points for the national rescue initiative suggested by Hamas political leader Khaled Mishaal, which is aimed to end the internal crisis in the Palestinian arena.

Speaking to hundreds of thousands of participants in Hamas’s 22nd anniversary carnival held yesterday in Gaza city, Haneyya said that the initiative calls for a meeting between all Palestinian factions and forces to discuss the current political situation and agree on a national rescue program.

Some of these strategic points he stated are represented in forming a national unity government approved by all national parties and rebuilding the Palestine liberation organization (PLO) with the participation of all political forces.
Haneyya started his speech hailing the massive crowds that flocked into Al-Katiba Al-Khadra plaza from different parts of Gaza and said that no one was expecting such large number of masses and such enthusiasm after Israel’s dirty war on the Gaza Strip.

The premier reviewed some prominent stations in the history of Hamas Movement and its role during the war and after the war.

He underlined that the emergence of Hamas restored the prestige of the Palestinian cause at the international level and the resistance option as a national project having vision, patience and knowledge of the conflict’s nature against the Israeli occupation.

Talking about the internal division, the premier said since the internal events in Gaza, Hamas has extended its hand to restore the unity and responded positively to all efforts made to achieve the national reconciliation, but the other Palestinian rival, who is subject to the American dictates, still refuses genuine reconciliation.

In the same context, noted Palestinian writer and political analyst Mustafa Al-Sawwaf said that Haneyya’s speech in Hamas’s anniversary festival indicated that this man is responsible and able to speak efficiently about all issues without attacking others.

In a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC), Sawwaf added that the premier presented the future strategy and the political positions of Hamas, and his speech carried a serious and clear tone that could not be interpreted otherwise.

He pointed out that the huge masses in Al-Katiba Al-Khadra plaza proved that the Palestinian people are biased in favor of Hamas and the resistance.