Haneyya thanks Russia, China and India for supporting the Goldstone report

Haneyya thanks Russia, China and India for supporting the Goldstone report

GAZA —  Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya on Tuesday expressed his thanks to Russia, China and India for voting in favor of the Goldstone report which accuses Israel of committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

In letters addressed to the leaders of these countries, Haneyya said that the Palestinian people highly appreciate their position towards the Goldstone report, stressing that their vote for the report is considered in support for the Palestinian people’s rights and the justice of their cause.

The premier added in his letters that the Palestinian people also consider this humanitarian and moral position a clear indication of the noble character of the Russian, Chinese and Indian peoples who stand by the oppressed against injustice and tyranny.

In the same context, the Palestinian center for human rights called on the UN General Assembly to adopt the recommendations of the human rights council on the Goldstone report.

“The UN must confirm the universality of human rights and international law without discrimination; therefore, it should vote on the report,” the Palestinian center emphasized on Tuesday.

It added that Israel’s enjoyment of immunity against international condemnation poses a threat to global peace and security, stressing that it is wrong to allow international politics to prevail over the legitimate rights of individuals, so it is necessary to strive for the promotion of victim’s right to an effective judicial reform.

The center also underlined that the UNGA should be ready to intervene to promote human rights and the rule of international law if the UN Security Council fails to assume its responsibility for maintaining international peace and security.
The center called on the assembly to establish a fund to raise contributions for Gaza people who are still suffering from the impacts of the Israeli military aggression.

In a related context, Israeli chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi said Tuesday that Israel’s next battle would be waged also on Gaza.