Haneyya to Palestinian people: join efforts to face challenges

The PA premier, Ismail Haneyya, on Friday urged the Palestinian people to consolidate ranks and be ready to face the next challenges with a united front amidst the tremendous pressures the international community imposing on the Palestinian people to force it bows to their demands.

“There will no compromises as we shall rely totally on Allah the Almighty; thus, I’ am calling on all our Palestinian people to unite their efforts to strongly confront the next challenges”, Haneyya said at the Friday ceremony, which he delivered, amidst thousands of audience at the southern Gaza Strip district of Khan Younis.

He reiterated what his finance minister revealed of receiving a bankrupted and debt-stricken PA treasury; nonetheless, he assured the Palestinian people of various financial supports from Arab, Muslim, and friendly parties and states.

“I repeat again that neither I nor any of my cabinet members will receive his salary unless all families of Palestinian prisoners and martyrs, and PA employees receive their allocations and wages”, the premier asserted.

Haneyya, meanwhile, pointed out that he will meet with the PA chief, Mahmoud Abbas, to discuss authorities of the PA cabinet in light of the latter’s latest edicts, emphasizing that authorities of his cabinet must be duly respected.

In the meantime, the Hebrew Haaretz newspaper unveiled that a pro-Zionist Christian lobby in the United States was formed with the aim to work for the Hebrew state and back its external policies.

According to the paper, John Hiegi, one of the Anglican Church leaders, announced the formation of the lobby, which is the first of its kind, during a meeting with heads of Jewish organizations in New York in coordination with the Israeli consul-general in the US.

“Our church has 40 million followers all solid behind Israel, and we want to exploit our tremendous energies in helping and protecting the Hebrew state, including collecting donations in its favor”, the paper quoted Hiegi as saying.

In a related matter, the Israeli occupation government published advertisement on the internet promoting its military officers to occupy sensitive positions in the UN agencies and military forces.