Haneyya urges Arab leaders to end inter-Palestinian rift, break Gaza siege

Haneyya urges Arab leaders to end inter-Palestinian rift, break Gaza siege

The prominent political leader in Hamas Movement Dr. Khalil Al-Hayya has urged on Friday the Arab leaders to sincerely act to end the inter-Palestinian rift, and to put an end to the crushing economic siege that had been imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip for more than two years now.

Haneyya”s call was made during a speech before tens of thousands of Hamas supporters in a massive rally organized by the Movement in Gaza city in support of Hamas and to deliver a clear message to the Arab leaders participating in the upcoming Arab summit in the Syrian capital Damascus with the aim to induce them to break the crippling Israeli economic blockade on Gaza Strip.

He also called on the Arab leaders to put an end to the inter-Palestinian rift by backing and adopting the Sana”a agreement that was signed by the two biggest Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah in the Yemeni capital Sana”a last week.

Moreover, Hayya urged the Arab leaders to reactivate the policy of boycotting the Israeli “enemy”, urging Arab countries with diplomatic or commercial ties with the “oppressive” Zionist entity to sever those ties, and to seal off Israeli diplomatic and commercial missions in their capitals.

Furthermore, Hayya asserted that Arab threats of withdrawing the Arab initiative weren’t enough to deter the Israeli occupation government, underlining that Israel had scorned and stepped over this initiative and destroyed it as its tanks and aircrafts continue killing more innocent Palestinian civilians on daily basis, affirming that “the Israeli occupation government understands only one language that is the language of resistance and struggle”.

The Hamas senior figure also called on Arab governments to stand up against the vicious campaign against the person of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him which is heating up in Europe, urging Arab information ministers to issue laws against such malicious acts as they did issue laws banning criticizing the person of any Arab leader.

In addition, Hayya reminded the Arab leaders that the Aqsa Mosque had been waiting for their help to defend it against the Israeli occupation for quite long time, adding that Arab leaders should bolster the steadfastness of the Palestinian Jerusalemites against the Israeli policies that aim at displacing them out of their homes in the holy city in preparation to judaize it.

Finally, Hayya invited the Arab leaders to sincerely take up the Palestinian issue in their summit, and to rally their potential in support of the Palestinian people and in support of the Palestinian captives, especially the jailed Palestinian lawmakers and ministers among other prisoners.

Don’t kill our hopes:
For their part, Palestinian children participating in the rally called on the Arab leaders not to disappoint them, and not to kill the hopes which they have attached on them, urging them to take stern and decisive decision in breaking the unjust Israeli hermitic siege on the Gaza Strip that took its toll on the 1.5 million Palestinian inhabitants living in the Strip.

In a message they read in Arabic and English during the rally, the Palestinian children urged the world states to look into the “real holocaust” that was committed by the IOF troops in Gaza Strip where hundreds of Palestinian citizens were killed and injured.

“Look at the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian children [in Gaza Strip]. They (IOF troops) killed infant Mohammed Al-Buraie while in his bed, and they killed the children of Dardona family as they were playing football in front of their home”, the children underlined in their message.

“Don’t break our hopes… Don’t fail us… We attach big hopes on your summit… You are our hope after the Almighty Allah… We too deserve a dignified life as all children in the world live”, the Palestinian children said in their message to Arab leaders.