Haneyya urges France to play a role in ending and Israeli siege and aggression

Haneyya urges France to play a role in ending and Israeli siege and aggression

Ismail Haneyya, the premier of the PA caretaker government, called on French president Nicolas Sarkozy to intervene to lift the Israeli siege on Gaza and to end the Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian people, confirming that his government is willing to cooperate with all international efforts that seek to consolidate security and stability in the region.

In a letter sent to Sarkozy, Haneyya underlined that his government encourages any role played by France in addressing the inter-Palestinian crisis that has befallen the Palestinian arena recently, pointing to the international status of France at the global level and its wisdom in managing and containing crises.

“France has a lot of remarkable stands that have contributed to the support of the Palestinian people”s right to freedom and independence; besides, its good ties with Arab and Islamic countries have raised its prospects for playing a strong role in creating security and stability in the region,” the premier highlighted.

He opined that the presence of Israeli occupation in Palestine is the core of the crisis in the region and creates endless series of problems, pointing to the daily killings, arrests and land confiscation and destruction of infrastructure and economy committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

Haneyya explained how the Israeli occupation pretends to be willing to achieve a settlement with the Palestinians, while it continues to build more settlement outposts and the apartheid wall and to confiscate more Palestinian lands.

The premier concluded his letter expressing his hope that the international community would respect the democratic choice of the Palestinian people and lift the siege imposed on them.