Haneyyah lauds Tahrir Square rally

Haneyyah lauds Tahrir Square rally

 The Palestinian Prime Minister of the Gaza government, Ismail Haneyyah lauded the participant in the rally that took place Friday in the Egyptian capital Cairo in support of the Palestinian cause.

Haneyyah sent a message to the participants in the rally praising the Egyptian people and their revolution and expressed appreciation for Egyptian protests in support of Palestinian rights stressing that resistance will not be abandoned and rights will not be conceded.

He also told the protesters, who called on Palestinians never to give up armed resistance, that his movement will not recognise the “Zionist entity.”

The Egyptian protesters called on Palestinian resistance not to give up arms until complete liberation. They also chanted “down with Israel” and “To Jerusalem we are going, martyrs in our millions”. They called for the release of Palestinian prisoners in Egyptian jails.

Haneryyah stressed the importance of ending political detention in the West Bank to achieve firm unity on the ground.

Haneyyah said in a statement after the Friday prayer in Gaza in the company of the Secretary General of the Egyptian Labour Party and presidential candidate Majdi Husain: “We are following up the file of political prisoners the release of whom we consider to be essential for the reconciliation to succeed.”