Haneyya’s gov’t wants warlords in West Bank prosecuted

Haneyya’s gov’t wants warlords in West Bank prosecuted


Gaza,The PA caretaker government of premier Ismael Haneyya has unequivocally accused high-ranking officials in the PA security forces in the West Bank of serving the Israeli agenda and or preserving security of the occupation, stressing that those officers must be prosecuted.


According to the spokesman of the PA government Taher Al-Nuno, the “warlords” of the PA security apparatuses, including Deyab Al-Ali, the chief of the PA national security, and Akel Al-Sa”adi, the intelligence chief in the West Bank, have publicly announced their rejection to the two Palestinian intifadas (in 1987, and in the year 2000) in addition to opposing any armed action against the Israeli occupation.


“At a time the Palestinian people were optimistic about the commencement of the Palestinian national dialogue hoping to achieve comprehensive national reconciliation, the PA warlords in the West Bank brag about arresting a group of Palestinian fighters as part of their coordination with the Israeli occupation”, asserted Nonu.


He also explained that the practices of the PA security forces in the West Bank in addition to the acknowledgement of Deyab and his cohorts of rejecting the resistance against the occupation explains the actual role of the PA security departments in the West Bank against their own Palestinian people.


“Persons like Deyab Al-Ali and Akel Al-Sa”adi should be prosecuted before Palestinian courts for the criminal practices they committed against the Palestinian people” Nonu underlined, accusing those officials of arresting and humiliating Palestinian resistance fighters, and of summoning and apprehending wives and sons of Palestinian martyrs and prisoners”, underscored Nonu.


In this regard, Nonu stressed the importance of rebuilding the PA security apparatuses on national basis and not to protect the Israeli occupation and Israeli settlers.


Before Hamas fighters defeated them in the Gaza Strip in 2007, the Fatah-controlled PA security departments played an active role in spoiling every agreement signed between Hamas and Fatah faction for national reconciliation, including their allegation that Hamas fighters were digging tunnels leading to the house of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas with the aim to assassinate him. The Palestinian people didn’t buy those allegations that proved, later on, to be “big lies”.