Hanna: IOA violating freedom of worship

Hanna: IOA violating freedom of worship

Dr. Attala Hanna, the Archbishop of Sebastia, has emphasized that Jerusalem was one of the most sacred areas for Muslims and that the Israeli occupation authority’s (IOA) acts against it was harming Muslims of the world.

Hanna, in a press release on Sunday, said that the IOA acts against the Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem reflected its “racism, insolence and disrespect for human and ethical values”.

He charged that the IOA acts against the inhabitants of Jerusalem were in violation of human rights and the freedom of worship.

The Archbishop denounced the Arab and international silence vis-à-vis what is going on in Jerusalem, adding that their silence made them partners in the crime.

He also condemned the Ramallah authority for refusing to adopt the UN report on IOA war crimes in Gaza at present and for continuing to justify its step.

Hanna declared the Christians’ solidarity with their brothers the Palestinian Muslims in face of the IOA violations of their holy shrines.