Hassan: Egypt which destroyed the Bar-Lev barrier is now protecting Israel with an iron wall.

Hassan: Egypt which destroyed the Bar-Lev barrier is  now protecting Israel with an iron wall.

MP Hamdy Hassan, spokesman of the MB Parliamentary bloc, submitted an urgent statement to the Prime Minister, Ahmed Nazif, on the establishment of an iron fence between Egypt and Palestine.


In his statement, Hassan claimed “I was very hurt from the ambiguous stance of Egypt regarding the news of an iron wall being built underground between Egypt and Gaza”. Egypt has denied the news stressing its discontent regarding the attention paid to the news published by the Israeli press declaring that it will reveal the truth of this matter at the appropriate time. Moreover, continuous news of the establishment supported by photograph of this wall is being spread.


The MP stressed that, it is sad that Egypt which had destroyed the Bar-Lev “barrier” is the same Egypt which is currently building the iron wall. The regime is reiterating false allegations of protecting our national security which is contrary to the fact that this wall is purely in favour of the Israeli entity and its imminent invasion of the Strip according to news from reliable sources.


MP Hassan addressed the Prime Minister asserting that his government has supported the enemy’s economy by providing them with very cheap gas. He continued “Now you are providing them with support against our fellow-Muslims in Gaza”. This leads us to wonder for whose favour does the government work.


He pointed out that the consecutive Egyptian governments has a history in supporting the resistance of all Arab and Islamic countries but unfortunately our government has changed this into a continuous series of shameful acts through its repeated support of the Israelis who occupy our sanctities and holy places and commit massacres of our people, without any sense of religious, national or even historical responsibility.


The MP added “the Israelis called  the barrier which they established on the eastern shore of the Suez Canal destroyed by our valiant armed forces Bar-Lev, this is an honour and a national and historical pride,” he continued “so what name should we call this shameful barrier which the government is building on the Egyptian and Palestinian borders?”


The MP demanded a satisfactory answer on incidents concerning the building of the wall and it’s funding which will reach billions of pounds