• February 25, 2013
  • 3 minutes read

Hassan Malik: All Parties Must Resolve to Serve Ordinary Citizen Interests

Hassan Malik: All Parties Must Resolve to Serve Ordinary Citizen Interests

 Hassan Malik, Chairman of the Egyptian Business Development Association (EBDA), said that the Egyptian people need to appreciate the critical period which the country is going through at the present time, and that they must start real work and production, stressing the importance of the major role businessmen must play to help.

In a press statement – on the sidelines of a conference on the success story of the Turkish economy and the exchange of experiences, held Saturday at the Sofitel El Gezirah Hotel (in downtown Cairo), in the presence of the Turkish Ambassador, Malik further said: "We must work together, all parties and stakeholders in Egypt. We must transcend whatever political and ideological differences that may exist among us, because the Egyptian citizen is waiting in hope for us to start working for the benefit of Egypt, to serve the interests of ordinary citizens who cannot bear the burdens of division and strife.

"Undoubtedly, political disputes have significantly impacted the Egyptian economy. It is time everyone started to reject political division and disagreement – we are at a critical period."

On the initiative of reconciliation with former regime-affiliated businessmen, Malik said he announced that initiative, because Egypt needs all citizens to close ranks and work for real development.

"Everyone welcomed that reconciliation initiative, the government as well as parties traditionally at odds with it. Those are the parties that have the duty to implement that initiative. We must all together – as the Egyptian people – strive for the good of our country."