Head of Coptic Assembly Praises Muslim Brotherhood

Head of Coptic Assembly Praises Muslim Brotherhood

Dr. Sherif Doss, professor of internal medicine and head of the Coptic Assembly, affirmed that the Assembly met with leaders of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) at least three times, first time was two months ago to settle some pending issues between the two parties.

During his telephone interview in the Amr Adib show  "Cairo Today" on "Orbit Channel", Sunday, Dr. Doss described his meeting with Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the FJP, and Dr. Saad el-Kettany, Secretary General of the Party, as a useful and fruitful. He expressed his happiness regarding this first meeting which brought the two parties closer on several issues.

Dr. Doss said that the second meeting was for the purpose of issuing "al-Azhar Document", which was released on June 19, bearing the foundations of a consensus of various parties on the civil state based on the legal reference and having the grounds for justice and rights. 

Doss stated that  "We have agreed that the Islamic Sharia is a fundamental principle for legislation, because Islam is the religion of the majority. Al-Azhar document also included assurances regarding the freedom of non-Muslims to follow their own rules and rituals."

He added that the third meeting was aimed to discuss plans for the future relations, pointing out that the Muslim Brotherhood is a living and true model to be followed, adding "I hope this model would continue and sustain."

With respect to the potential candidate for the presidency who would be accepted and approved by the Copts, Dr. Doss said that they discussed that matter, yet, in an informal session. He also said that the name of Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh was mentioned as the best candidates who would be accepted by the Copts in case the final candidate for the presidency was a religious one.