Health of Egyptian Reformist Essam Hashish Stable

Dr. Essam Hashish, a Muslim Brotherhood reformist detained pending the military tribunal, is doing well after his health dramatically deteriorated due to being held in prison. He was moved to hospital after he felt sick and his health worsened after authorities moved him from one hospital to another.
Asked by Ikhwanweb about his health, wife of Dr. Essam Hashish’ said that he is doing well and that he had catheter a few days ago, and he will carry out a complete check-up and sonar imaging for the stomach on Monday.
“We are currently waiting for all analyses and examinations to end as their results will show the final report”, she added.
Asked whether she wants to send any message to human rights organizations, she said”: Unfortunately, civil society institutions and human rights organizations aren’t  showing the expected and required support to detainees, specially those referred to the military tribunal although the decree of referring them to the military tribunal violates the simplest civil rights of ordinary citizens, to stand trial before competent judges .
Dr. Hashish’s wife demanded:” An effective role from human rights organizations and civil society institutions to exercise pressures on the Egyptian regime to release the detainees” .

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