Health Of MB Detainees Al Ghoneimi, Zalat Deteriorates

The health of the Muslim Brotherhood detainees Dr. Mostafa Al Ghoneimi and hajji Hassan Zalat, who have been detained last Wednesday, have deteriorated, said sources to Ikhwanweb.
Ikhwanweb sources from Tora prison reported that the Muslim Brotherhood detainees Dr. Mostafa Al Ghoneimi, the Secretary-General of the Doctors’ Union of Gharbiya and a Muslim Brotherhood leader in this Governorate, north of Cairo and hajji Hassan Zalat, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Cairo, who has been detained days after having a surgical cardiac surgery, require treatment.
Dr. Mostafa Al Ghoneimi has a Hyphema (severe bleeding) in his left eye after a tennis racket hit it forming a black cloud that has considerably affected his eyesight and he was have been sent to Al-Manial university hospital .
The ophthalmologist prepared a detailed report about the case, in which she confirmed that there is a bleeding and that it requires an x-rays on the injured eye; she confirmed that the patient requires two-month follow to stop the bleeding and to absorb the blood flow.
In a related context, hajji Hassan Zalat was moved last Saturday evening to Al Manial university hospital after his health deteriorated because he was arrested days ago after having a serious cardiac surgery.
The families of both detainees Al Ghoneimi and Zalat ask human rights organizations and civil society institutions to move and call for immediately releasing them under the current bad health conditions they are suffering from .
It is worth noting that the Egyptian prisons are not suitable totally for human use or living; a study of the national council for human rights, an Egyptian state-funded human rights center, reported several deaths inside Egyptian prisons due to torture and deliberate medical negligence towards detainees.

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