Health Of Tunisian Prisoner Reda Al-Boukadi At Stake

 The health of the Tunisian prisoner of conscience Reda Boukadi is reportedly deteriorating again due to the diseases that hit him in Tunisian prisons; he should be released or moved immediately to hospital to be hospitalized before it is too late. the doctor who hurriedly examined him in Charles Nicolle hospital days ago said that he must be immediately given adequate care because his health is bad.
We have warned on March, 8, 2000, that the health status of the political prisoner Reda Al Boukadi is in danger due to the bad conditions in the Tunisian prisons and the ensuing chronic diseases that hit him.
Continuously following up with deep concern the deteriorating health of this political prisoner, we hold the Tunisian regime accountable for any worse consequences and strongly condemn this maltreatment against prisoners of conscience in Tunisia .
All human rights constituencies, Human Rights Organizations , parties and national and international figures call for intervening to solve this tragic issue and demanding the Tunisian regime to give Mr. Al Boukadi access to immediate and urgent treatment as a right which is guaranteed by all international laws and constitutions.