Heated Debate at the Egyptian PA About the Arrest of Faramawi and Former MPs

Heated Debate at the Egyptian PA About the Arrest of Faramawi and Former MPs

Opposition MPs strenuously criticized the regime’s policy of arresting Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members that recently included three former MPs (Dr. Sayed Abdul-Hameed, Eng. Sayed Hazeen, Eng. Saber Abdul-Sadeq) as well as professor Abdul-Hai al-Faramawi (Islamic Studies professor at al-Azhar University) and hundreds others in the run-up to the local elections.

Dr. Hamdi Hassan (member of the MB parliamentary bloc) stressed that detaining former MPs contradicts the government’s claims that the emergency law would be applied on terrorists and drug dealers. “the government acts against the law and constitution,” he said.

Hassan inquired about their charges and asked the government to be wise enough to release the detainees.

Regarding the arrest of Faramawi and the abnormal charges and treatment he faced, Hassan said that what happened with Faramawi is a catastrophe and the doers should be impeached. He called for their immediate release, especially after being acquitted.

This took place during the discussion of a query submitted by MP Talaat Al-Sadat before the Committee of Defense and National Security. Sadat stressed that political security in Egypt is unbearable and unacceptable, because the Ministry of Interior that’s supposed to defend the homes and civilians is persecuting the people. He emphasized that political police is being used by the regime to cover the defects of the ruling party, and emphasized the clean record of arrested MPs, saying that it is “ridiculous” to accuse any of them of being a terrorist or outlawed.

Sadat described the charge against Faramawi as “nonsense” and exclaimed how a reputable university professor in Islamic studies would take part in the kind of charges filed against him, including plotting with Hamas to build small unmanned aircrafts, load them with explosives and attack targets in Sinai.