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  • August 13, 2006
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Hebrew media: Hizbullah fighters defeated IOF troops in Lebanon

Despite Israeli premier Ehud Olmert’s views that the UNSC resolution on cessation of hostilities in Lebanon was a victory for him and his government’s diplomacy, Israeli writers and journalists put facts on place saying: “The mighty Israeli army has been defeated at the hands of Hizbullah men”.

“The big bitter defeat in this war is the fact that the Israeli army is no longer capable of achieving our goals”, said Nahum Barnea in the Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

He added that Israel lost many soldiers in this war and millions of its settlers remained in underground shelters for weeks, yet, he charged, the IOF troops proved to be no longer capable of protecting Israeli settlers or achieving Israel’s objectives.

Political opponents of Olmert in the Israeli arena were gearing up and “sharpening” their swords to knock him down; but he insisted that he did the right thing and viewed the UNSC resolution as a political victory for his diplomacy relying on unlimited support from the US president George W. Bush, according to critics of Olmert.

The paper added that Olmert telephoned Bush and spent 8 minutes with him on the phone, urging him to include some last-minute amendments into the resolution which Bush did and Olmert considered it a victory.

“Remember that we will always be with you and support you along the way. I follow you up during the war, and know how hard the decisions you take. We are always with you Ehud”, the paper quoted Bush as saying to Olmert.

Rightist and opposition parties flexed their muscles in preparation for an imminent political struggle in Israel as Israeli MP Ze’evi Handel asked opposition parties who supported Olmert during the war to resume their activities to get him out of office.

“Olmert mustn’t stay in his position even for one additional day,” said Handel in his interview with the Jerusalem Post newspaper.

Silvan Shalom, the former Israeli foreign minister and one of Likud Party hawkish members described the resolution as the worst offered to Israeli since decades.

Military sources in Israel threw the blame on the political leadership for the bitter defeat in Lebanon as Udi Adam, former commander of the northern front who was relieved a week ago, affirmed that plans for a ground battle were ready waiting for a political decision; but that decision didn’t come in the proper time.

The government’s hesitation marred all the plans we laid down for the ground offensive, Adam charged.

The Yedioth Ahronoth anticipated a new war to erupt; but this time inside the Israeli arena as all will blame all, the military will blame the political leadership, and the political leadership will chide the military and so on.

“The truth is that we didn’t win”, said the paper, adding that had Olmert told his cabinet that after one month of war they would reach this humiliating point then none of them would have endorsed the military campaign.

Hizbullah fighters are everywhere but couldn’t be found:
Wounded Israeli soldiers lying in hospitals for treatment of wounds they sustained by Hizbullah bullets described combatants of the Lebanese resistance as well-armed and well-trained and very good in maneuvering as they are deployed in every inch on the ground, but couldn’t be seen.

“They work in small groups perhaps two perhaps three and disguised in civilian cloths; so, you couldn’t see them, but suffer from their weapons and missiles only. We have no safe place there (Lebanon)”, said IOF officer Hanosh Daob.

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