Hebrew sources: IOF troops train for possible Gaza invasion

Hebrew sources: IOF troops train for possible Gaza invasion

Hebrew media outlets have unveiled on Friday that the Israeli occupation army concluded large-scale military exercises in preparation for possible full-scale military invasion to control the tiny Gaza Strip.

The Hebrew Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper described the military maneuvers as the “biggest” in many years as there is talk about a massive land invasion of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli occupation army in which commanders from all army units will participate to tighten the control on the Gaza Strip.

However, Israeli military circles asserted that the IOF top military brass was worried that a prolonged military campaign against the besieged Gaza Strip could spur the international community to pressure Israel to stop the offensive.

Nevertheless, the Israeli military echelon anticipated that any military adventure in the populated Gaza Strip will result in heavy losses in the ranks of the Israeli occupation soldiers based on the presumptions that the Palestinian resistance fighters would use anti-tanks missiles.

Most of the details of the military exercises remained confidential; but news leaked that the planned invasion will be in two stages.

According to a military source in the Israeli occupation army, all IOF officers who participated in the exercises were ordered to surrender their mobile phones in order to “ensure secrecy of the maneuvers”.

The military exercises were administered by Lt. Gen Yuav Galant, the commander of the IOF southern command that includes Gaza Strip, in the presence of head of the IOF Gaza division that indicates that the Israeli occupation army was paying full attention to the mission.

In July 2006, the IOF troops unleashed criminal war against southern Lebanon, the stronghold of the Lebanese Hizbullah party which ended up with a humiliating defeat of the Israeli occupation army.

For their part, the Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip underlined that they will defend the Gaza Strip with all possible means, and that they will teach the invaders a painful lesson as they did in Jabalya town in northern Gaza Strip a couple of weeks ago.