Hebrew state asks Egypt to retain Rafah crossing closed

Hebrew state asks Egypt to retain Rafah crossing closed

An Israeli official has asked Cairo to retain the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip closed in a bid to tighten the hermetic siege imposed on the Strip for almost nine months.

The Hebrew radio reported that Amos Gilad, the head of the political-military bureau at the war ministry, on Wednesday met his Egyptian counterpart Hussein Tantawi and intelligence chief Omar Suleiman during a visit to Cairo.

The broadcast noted that the discussion tackled security conditions along the borders, and added that Gilad informed the Egyptian officials of the Israeli plan to build a security fence along the borders.

Both parties agreed on maintaining contacts over the few coming weeks until reaching a final agreement on the security fence and the Rafah crossing.

The Rafah border terminal is the only crossing for the Gaza inhabitants to the outside world. Its closure for nine months along with the IOF blocking of other crossings with Israel had led to the death of around 100 Palestinian patients who could not find treatment for their chronic disease in the Strip.