• January 25, 2007
  • 5 minutes read

Helwan University Dismisses MB Students for 2 Academic Yrs

Helwan University Dismisses MB Students for 2 Academic Yrs

The disciplinary board in the Faculty of Commerce, Helwan University, punished 13 students by dismissing them for two full academic years, and four students for one academic year, and punished three others by dismissing them for a term.

The disciplinary board was headed by Dr. Khairi Abdul Hadi Mehassab the dean of the faculty, in addition to the faculty vice-principal.

Also, Helwan University president, Dr. Abdul Hayy Ebeid, referred Dr. Yahya Al Gazzaz, a professor at the Faculty of Science in the university and a member of 9th March Movement, to a disciplinary board scheduled to be held on Jan. 30, 2007, after Dr. Al Gazzaz refused to the university administration’s demand of not supporting students in internal issues, specially his participation in the conferences of the free student union.

The dismissed students consider the punishments as illegal and unconstitutional and they haven’t been imposed because of organizing parallel elections. Through these severe punishments, the university president, a top member in the National democratic Party, wants to show that he is loyal to the party through persecuting students and destroying their future while any one belonging to the Muslim brotherhood is facing detentions and intimidations under a flagrant media escalation against the group.

The students said in a statement:” The disciplinary board witnessed many conflicting situations indicating that the faculty dean isn’t seemingly aware of what he is doing, the most prominent of which is that his being surprised that many of those dismissed students were under arrest when the charges were directed against them.

The dismissed students are:

Students who have been punished by dismissing them for two full academic years:

1-Ibrahim Rabiei Ibrahim (Fourth graders)

2-Mohamed Abdul Khalek Abdul Gawaad (Fourth grader)

3-Mahmoud Hussein Al Zawi (Fourth grader)

4-Haggag Shaban Shahat (Fourth grader)

5-Marzaq Saber Rizk (Fourth grader)

6-Morsi Rajab Morsi (Fourth grader)

7-Said Mahmoud Mohamed (Fourth grader)

8-Nasr Mohamed Gaber (Third grader)

9-Ali Sobhi Mohamed  (Third grader)

10-Ibrahim Ghazi Ibrahim  (Third grader)

11- Khaled Abdul Fattah (Second Grader)

12-Mohamed Nasser Haggag (Second Grader)

13-Mahmoud Abdul Qader (Second Grader)

Students who have been punished by dismissing them for a full academic year:

1-Abdul Aziz Mohamed Ali Mogahed ( ex-secretary-general of the university’s free student union) third grader.

2-Ahmed Eid Al Hanbouli (fourth grader)

3-Ali Mohamed Mansour (third grader)

4-Bahi Adel Bahi (first grader)
earlier, the dean of the Faculty of Education referred three students to a disciplinary board and they were accordingly dismissed for a full term.

the students are:

1-Mahmoud Abdul Magid Abdul Hafiz.

2-Mohamed Hamdi Mohamed.

3-Ahmad Bahjat.

As for the Faculty of Social Work, 9 students were referred to disciplinary boards and are still expecting the punishment.